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Hi! I am Shaleza Event Planner, Decor Specialist, and the owner of De Shanaza Events, a full-service event planning and decorating company that specializes in producing unforgettable events through strategic planning, event design and event management.

With a degree in business management and over 9 years of experience in real estate property and project management, the skills I have gained through my professional and personal career, have made me a well-rounded expert in planning, designing, and coordinating events at any scale. My passion for planning and decorating began at 15 when I planned my sweet sixteen for 350 guests on a budget and strict timeline. The beautiful execution of the event eventually made me the first person my friends and family members called when they were planning any event – from birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and special dinners.

I created “De Shanaza Events” in memory of my sister, Shanaz, who unexpectedly passed away at the age of 10. With one of the last drawings she made before passing, she left us with memories of butterflies flying in the skies of heaven. Using my skills in planning and design, with De Shanaza Events, I feel I have been able to keep my sister’s memory alive and pursue what I am passionate about, flawlessly planning and producing events that create memories that last a lifetime.

Over the years, I have been able to garner a reputation with my client’s rooted trust for my caring nature, strategic planning, decor experience, and unparalleled ability to bring a vision to life. Motivated by my passion and joy in the process of planning events, I strive to incorporate fresh and creative ideas inspired by my client’s interests resulting in my ability to curate highly personal and innovative weddings and events, down to the smallest detail.

For myself, planning events is something I approach with love, care, and intention because I understand how overwhelming it can be to look forward to a major event and having to plan it. I have helped many clients produce unforgettable events as my greatest passion and unwavering commitment to providing quality experiences as my clients know they are in the right hands.

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